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High Voltage Transformer for Ozone Generation
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High Voltage Transformer


Name: High Voltage Transformer

Bobbin: EE16*20

Input Voltage: 220/110VAC 50/60Hz

Output: 6000V Max.

Hi-pot Test: Primary to core, secondary to core,

primary to Seconday 2500VAC

We can make the orders as per your specific requirements or drawing.

Products Advantage:

  1. Custom Design Available;
  2. High Isolation Strength;
  3. Low Profile and Weight;
  4. High Temperature Resistant
  5. Operating Temperature: -40℃to 120℃
  6. Power Range 1VA to 60VA
  7. High Power electronic Transformer


  1. VCRS, Copy Machine, Audio Equipment, Game Machines
  2. TV sets, PC, Printers, Terminals
  3. Communication equipment
  4. Household appliance devices (insect killer, Mosquito Killer, Microwave Oven and etc.)
  5. OA machines, chargers.